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An electric wheelchair buggy for disabled children under five

All parents can empathize with the challenges that both parents and children face while dealing with a disability. So it is no coincidence, that engineers at the Bath Institute for Medical Engineering, have designed the Wizzybug – electric mobility buggy for disabled children under five. Smart design makes buggy look less electric wheelchair and more a toy, so end result is that other children want to use it. The Wizzybug is also fitted with a towing hook so that a trailer can be attached and towed. In evaluations of Beth Institute, friends of the disabled children wanted using Wizzybug saying, “I like your car, where did you get it from?“.

Wizzybug incorporates suggestions from therapists and parents, and has top speed of two miles per hour. The Wizzybug electric wheelchair weighs 31 kg (69 lbs), and features fully adjustable seating system with memory foam cushions. Wheelchair buggy has a programmable joystickand can be controlled either by the child or by a parent/caregiver. Wizzybug can be used bothindoors and outside. Recommendation is to keep it on even grounds, but either way it will enable young disabled children to explore and do the sorts of things that other children are doing. Buggy is easy to adjust without need of special tools and can be dismantled and carried even in boot of a smaller car.

It took Bath Institutes’s engineers three years to develop the Wizzybug. Buggy is already selling in UK, price ranges from $3,400 to $4000. As Bath Institute is a charity, they want to reach rock bottom price, to expand availability, so device is sold at cost. Unfortuantely this currently makes worldwide availabilty a question without answer.