Accessability Devices

Electric Wheelchair with Toilet Functions

According to this page, Japan company is developing an electric wheelchair with integrated toilet functions. Development is at stage of creating a feasibility study, but the ultimate objective is to develop an “electric wheelchair with toilet functions,” a piece of welfare support equipment ideal for handicapped. Whole concept is rarely found in existing welfare equipment today, although some of the models are available on the market… Majority of users rely on automation and accessories – elevators etc, to help them move from wheelchair to toilet and back.

Product is designed to help maintain the self-respect of elderly or disabled people, and since world turns around money, it is worth noting that elderly population is increasing, and that baby-boom generation is projected to enter “need for assisted living” phase in 10-20 years. The wheelchair will be designed for elderly or disabled persons who are unable to move from their wheelchairs to toilet seats by raising their bodies with their own arm strength, and who cannot be attended to by caregivers regularly.

The report, that will be basis for further development was done in Hachinohe City with approx 100 respondents and in nursing care facilities in Aomori Prefecture (27 facilities were selected for the questionnaire, of which 21 responded, a return rate of 77.8%). The survey was carried out to further the research and development into a prototype for the above welfare equipment, with the aim of creating a prototype based on the responses of Hachinohe City residents and of those who are actually engaged in nursing service for the elderly or disabled people in these facilities.

The results have made it clear that while the benefits and the necessity of developing an electric wheelchair with toilet functions are fully recognized, there is still a need to examine matters such as its scope of use, in the light of ways of thinking about care and medical practice for the elderly and the disabled. Easy of use and high hygiene standard will have to be solved properly before electric wheelchair with toilet will be accepted by users…